The Precision Products

- Our products cover the gamut of your needs -

  • Super Simplex Disappearing Stairways

    The Super Simplex is Precision's commercial-grade aluminum folding stairway. Its primary use is as an attic stairway, but when fitted with a Precision roof hatch can be used for roof access. These may be used for ceiling heights up to 12' 0" in commercial applications and up to 13' 6" for residential use. Meets or Exceeds ANSI A14.9. View Products →
  • Automatic Super Simplex Disappearing Stairways

    This is the patented push-button version of the Super Simplex. Available in fully automatic (Model S4000 series - push a button to open/close the door panel and fold/unfold the sections) for ceiling heights up to 13’ 6”. Ceiling heights up to 16’ can be accommodated on the semi-automatic Model S3000 series. On these models, the door panel will open/close at the push of a button and the user then manually unfolds/folds the sections. View Products →
  • Automatic Electric Disappearing Stairways

    This heavy-duty disappearing stairway will handle a 1,000 pound load. It has one-piece siderails of 7” x .230” Aluminum Channel, and is operated with a simple toggle switch. Standard equipment includes battery backup power to allow the stair to be opened in the event of a power failure. View Products →
  • Fixed Aluminum Wall Ladders

    Precision’s line of wall ladders includes FL Series (channel siderails) and FLH Series (tubular siderails). These ladders will handle a 1,500 pound load without failure, and individual treads have been tested to 3,000 pounds without deformation. As always, these ladders meet or exceed the design requirements of OSHA 1910, Subpart D and/or ANSI A14.3. View Products →
  • Aluminum Ships Stairs

    These stairs provide a comfortable climb with a pitch in the range of 60° - 70° and an ample clear tread size of 5 3/16” x 30”. A handrail of 1 1/2” diameter is also provided. Load capacity is 1,000 pounds. View Products →
  • Fixed Aluminum Industrial Stairways

    Fabricated to meet or exceed OSHA 1910.24. Available only in aluminum in climbing angles from 30° - 50°, fabricated to meet or exceed the appropriate OSHA code and shipped fully assembled to the job site, ready to install. View Products →
  • Aluminum Alternating Tread Stairs

    Precision’s Aluminum Alternating Tread Stair is an alternative to a traditional ships stair, and allows a climber to descend face-forward giving a clear view of the floor below. View Products →
  • Roof Hatches

    Precision’s line of roof hatches have been around since the early 1990s. They are available in both galvanized and aluminum. Precision keeps an inventory of several common sizes on hand, available for quick shipping. View Products →
  • Miscellaneous Products

    This category includes Precision’s Extend-A-Rail which provides a hand-hold to aid in mounting or dismounting a ladder through a roof hatch, Safety Cage, Security Door, Security Gate for retrofitting a ladder, and Aluminum Guard Rail Systems for protecting floor or roof openings. View Products →