Mission Statement

Our mission is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and to make a reasonable profit.

Our History

Precision Ladders, LLC has evolved from a company named Precision Parts Corporation that was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1942. During Precision’s early days in Nashville, the firm was engaged in war work and continued until the end of World War II in machining gray-iron castings and steel forgings to an extremely close tolerance and with the high degree of skill required of precision parts – hence the company name. In 1944, as the work for both the Army and Navy expanded, Precision worked for a time as a subcontractor for the Tennessee Eastman Corporation on the Atomic Energy Program at Oak Ridge.

After the war Precision began manufacturing a variety of different products,  a folding stairway was designed and produced. Both wooden and aluminum folding stairways were built, along with a one-piece all electric stairway.

Precision Parts Corporation was sold in 1978 and relocated to Whitesburg, Tennessee and the only employee who relocated with the company was former  President, Steve Richey. In 1983, Mr. Richey, with another partner, purchased the company and moved it to Morristown, Tennessee.

The line of folding stairways was complimented with fixed aluminum vertical ladders and aluminum ships ladders, and had grown enough that in 1986, Precision Stair Corporation was created, and moved to another Morristown location to manufacture these products.

In 1998, the company underwent a bit of restructuring and became what is now known as Precision Ladders, LLC.

Leadership Team