Precision Ladders manufacturers a fire-rated version of the Super Simplex that is the original fire-rated attic stair.  Many states and municipalities have now adopted IBC 406.1.4, 711.3.2 and IFC 315.2.4.  This means any new Fire-Rated ceiling that requires an attic ladder needs a Fire-Rated Super Simplex!

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Opening the 2 hour fire-rated Super Simplex  The original fire-rated attic ladder The patent-pending Precision Fold-Assist aids a controlled unfolding of the attic stair Generous 5 3/16" tread surface makes for a comfortable climb Taking it to the next level - the Precision Super Simplex!

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The Precision Ladders Super Simplex was lab tested by Intertek and granted a Warnock Hersey label.  Tested to ASTM E119 and UBC 43-7 up to a 2 Hour Rating.



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     Precision Ladders also produces a line of other products to be used with its stairways:


Fold Assists

Precision Ladders offers fold assists that allow for folding & unfolding of the stairway with a minimal amount of force.



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